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I submitted a translation to and would love to receive feedback from you about the style, language, syntax, quality, suggestions, etc. The article is originally from the well known columnist Al-Rashid for the Arabic newspaper Asharq alawsat. Here is the first paragraph.

05/21/05 -- The Gulf States have some of the lowest prices of cigarettes in the world because of the low taxes the governments impose. For this reason, the smoking epidemic and its related diseases are spreading throughout all levels of society. As for the efforts of the governments in their battle against smoking - they have gone astray in their attempt to persuade people to stop smoking by using “so called” restrictions that are only ineffective. The ideal way to curb interest in taking up smoking is to raise tariffs on tobacco. These tariffs should be raised to at least 300% in order to equal those found in developed countries.

Here is a link to my complete translation of the article:

Why Such Indifference Towards Cigarette Companies?

Jeremy Palmer


At 14:42, Blogger Brego56 said...

I'm an Arabic translator; I studied Arabic in the US and in Cairo(the CASA program).
I'd like to see your translation but I couldn't access the link you'd provided.
Is there another way I can access it?

Thank you,

At 03:36, Blogger Jeremy Palmer said...

Thanks for the interest. I tried the link from my this post and it worked for me. An alternate way to access this translation is to go to this site: and search in the Arabic / Other category. I have two tranlsations on that page. Both are from I would love your feedback! Thanks,

Jeremy Palmer

At 14:03, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi Jeremy

I'm a student(female) of ARABIC in Bosnia near it would be interesting if you knew some good sites where I could find translation from english to arabic and vice versa,or anything that could helo me in my learning since i don't have an opportunity to speak arabic

thanks:) A.K.

At 19:44, Blogger Jeremy Palmer said...

Check out my links. In particular you could practice Syrian Arabic from There is a free text book and mp3s.

Good luck!


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