Monday, July 25, 2005

New book about Arabic synonyms

Here is an interesting book that will be released soon. It is called Using Arabic Synonyms, by Dilworth Parkinson. The abundance of synonyms is one of the more frustrating aspects of mastering Arabic. This book should help.

Here's the description, and the link is below it.

Book Description
Designed for those who have already developed a basic competence in Arabic, this comprehensive synonyms guide aims to broaden and improve the learner's vocabulary by helping them find the right word for the right context. Presenting words of related meaning together, it provides a range of options which will help avoid repetition and improve style, enabling students to develop a deeper awareness of the subtle differences in meaning and usage of different words. Each entry is illustrated with authentic examples of the synonyms in use, showing their unique meanings and grammatical properties, and enabling students to quickly recognize them in real-life contexts. The book is complete with two clear indexes, in English and Arabic, enabling the reader to instantly and easily locate any word. An essential reference for college and undergraduate students, their teachers, and other language professionals seeking a clear, user-friendly guide to Arabic vocabulary and its usage.

About the Author
Dilworth B. Parkinson is Professor of Arabic in the Department of Asian and Near Eastern Languages, Brigham Young University.

Here's the link


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