Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Damascus University Arabic Site

Check it out! Damascus University's site is working. Well, only in English so far. Here is the link:

Arabic Language Center at Damascus University



At 16:04, Blogger one-step-removed said...

Hi there Jeremy

First up - thanks for the site. It's been a real help to me in planning my language studies.

Could you possibly answer a question for me? I'm trying to work out how much, per month, I should budget for living expenses in Syria. That is, how much I should expect to be spending on rent, food, and weekend travel.
I've not been able to find this information elsewhere.

Thanks for your time,


At 17:38, Blogger Jeremy Palmer said...

It all depends where you live. Old city is about 150$ rent. Food maybe 2 or 3 hundred if you eat out most of the time, less if not. Travel is extremely cheap in Syria. More questions? email me. jeremy

At 06:44, Blogger one-step-removed said...

Jeremy --

Thanks for the info - it's invaluable to talk to someone with experience of living in the country. I do have two further questions, if that's OK.

Firstly, is it possible to set up a personal Internet connection in Syria - or does that just involve too much beurocracy? Has broadband made inroads yet, or is Syria still on one, centrally located dial-up system?

Secondly, does Syria have a reliable postal system? As an MPhil student, I'm hoping to do some serious reading for my thesis while I'm out there - and was hoping either to buy books over Amazon, or get them bought in England and then reposted. Now - for some countries that would be easy, and for others, madness. How would it be in Syria?

Thanks for your time, and good luck with the PhD.


At 02:44, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Jeremy,

Do you know if it is hard to find accomodation for a month and a half? I'd like to share with other students, or live with a family. I'll arrive next week


At 11:24, Blogger Jeremy Palmer said...

It is simple. You can go to a cheap hotel like the harameen and sleep on the roof for 2 dollars a night, or you can go to the old city and rent a room. Find and ask foreign students when you arrive. they hang out in the old city by the dozens.

At 03:31, Blogger The Cold Fire said...

comming to study or work in syria is very good idea

u can fine chip living cost here , internet is avilable every wher and its cheap also , trasportation cost about 10 us sents its so cheap

there are many postal company ,u will find no prblem here
how even , if you are comming here , we can provide some help


At 15:36, Blogger Asiya said...

Hi, I happened to stumble upon your conversation. I will be going to Damascus this summer (July 2008) and was wondering if you could recommend a good place to stay near the University of Damascus.

At 03:06, Blogger Ash said...

Hi Guys

I am planning to come to Syria to study Arabic for around 3 months. Any advice? Would it be preferable to stay in the new or old city? What would you guys say the average monthly cost of living is? Lastly, when is the best time to come?


At 05:00, Blogger Asiya said...

i spent 16,000 (aroudn $350) for around 6 weeks for an air-conditioned room at the damascus hostel-

i stayed in the old city, near bab toma. you are goign to be around more foreigners if you do this which might not be ideal for learning arabic. however, it's nice to have restaraunts you can go to.

i went in the summer july and august and it was extremely hot. another month may be better. (contact me know if you have any other questions:

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