Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Learning and Teaching Arabic

And thus my blog is born. I have been thinking for some time about how to best begin this project. I am in a curious situation. I am both a student and a teacher of Arabic. I taught Arabic 101 and 102 several times at the college level. I am now continuing my own study of Arabic in Damascus, Syria. I began studying Arabic at the end of 1999 having no idea what the attacks of 2001 would bring for speakers of Arabic. I was fortunate enough to have received funding from Fulbright to come and study here for one year.

I believe that Syria is the best place to learn Arabic in the world. Let me qualify this statement with the following: I think that studying in Syria would be much more beneficial for students who have previously had 2 or 3 years of study in their native country (assuming this is a possibility). However, if you have the money and the time to spend 3 or 4 years here starting from scratch – ahlaan wisahlaan. I imagine that most students have only one or two years to initially dedicate to learning Arabic abroad.

People speak Arabic in Syria! I love the other Arab countries but Syria offers the best prices for living, the best opportunities for speaking and integrating into society, the best dialect (opinion) and a very hospitable people.

I did an MA in Second Language Acquisition and Arabic. This August I will continue my studies as a PhD student in SLAT (Second Language Acquisition and Teaching). I am interested in how people learn and teach. I want to be active in Arabic language teaching and learning in the United States and the world.

I hope that this blog will be of use to students and teachers of Arabic. More soon…


At 06:59, Blogger Musby said...

hi there, i did really enjoy the contents of your blog. but i would have prefered to have information about the learning institution in Syria. I have a prior knowledge in Arabic and simply want to improve

At 06:42, Blogger Eva said...


I have been studying Arabic for about 4 years now and would like to spend a year in Syria. Can you recommend any language institute or program in particular?


At 12:48, Blogger zaid said...

Jeremy,I hope you will do fine in your phd ,from your words i can see a nice teacher ,I am a jordanian nationality from palestine, now I am working in UAE ,I very like Arabic and am trying to create a web site for arabic loveres ,I hope it will work .nice to read your blog.

At 14:27, Blogger Hala said...

Thanks Jeremy,
I am a teatcher and a author in Damascus and I want teaching the foreign my arabic language as the best way.

At 07:42, Blogger Nazir said...

Dear Sir,

We are a small non-profit organization based in Islamabad, Pakistan. We are working to develop Syllabus for Arabic language teaching but are facing difficulty to find the right support. I wonder if some institution /individual would like to help us. Peace Foundation

At 09:25, Blogger Beatrice said...

Hello there.
I would like to recommend Hala Loulou ( as an excellent Arabic teacher. I had been studying Arabic for 2 years in London, without being able to express myself in Arabic very well. Last September I went to Damascus and I took one month of private Arabic classes with Hala, who had been recommended to me by a friend. Her teaching was very clear and I really think that I learned a lot with her. Also, she has a very sweet personality and is very patient, so the classes with her were fun. And Damascus is a fantastic city to learn Arabic in!
All the best!


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