Friday, January 05, 2007

End of this blog

I don't think that a blog is the appropriate format for me anymore. At some point in the future I hope to harvest my previous posts and sow them into a more useful medium, such as a webpage. Blogs are nice for rants and raves, but for information about learning and teaching Arabic plus various resources - I think a webpage would be much easier to navigate and organize. Who knows when this would be. Hopefully free and high-quality web designing programs and free online storage will be commonplace in the future.

'yalla bye' until then,



At 17:00, Blogger stan goldsmith said...

Thanks for your site, it cleared up a lot of things for me, sad to see it going.

I'll be going to Syria (ensh'allah) this summer to do a month at U of Damascus, especially after reading your nice reviews.

I am planning on staying at the Harameen, if they have private rooms. Do you have any other recommendations?

Also do you have a travel agent you go to or some way to get to Syria cheapest from USA (West-side)?

I have 3 years college level Arabic and need to read books in Arabic (maa' qamoos) next year for my literature program.

I am planning on just showing up a week before in order to get my bearings, paperwork, and lodgings in order before class begins, do you think this is wise?

Do you have any recommended tutors that can do weekends or evenings to add to the studies?


Feel free to email me via my blog

At 14:09, Blogger Emin said...

Great blog. Sorry to hear it's going to end. If you want a few tips to get started with your 'web page', I would recommend using a content management system (CMS). I advise using a free CMS like Joomla or Drupal. These are examples to server side programs to help you keep your site neat, organized, and of course, manageable. No programming knowledge is required to get started making Both are great. I personally think Drupal is easier for beginners.

May I offer help with your site in case you need? I'm learning Arabic in a basic-3 level course, and planning to keep an Arabic blog myself (not particularly on Arabic, but in Arabic). You can comment on any of my posts on (in Turkish) to contact me. Bye - مع السلا

At 23:15, Blogger Keleigh said...

I just now (May 4, 2007) came across your blog. I think it's awesome. I hope you create a website in the future. Shukrun for leaving your blog up. I wish I would've found it sooner. Ana baheb arabeeya! :) I just finished Beginning Arabic I in college but plan to continue. So thanks again for the resources! Good luck in everything...


At 18:03, Blogger vendetta_mary said...

Hi Jeremy, I just came across your blog, and I am very excited after looking it over. You have so many great resources and information posted here. Thank you for all the work you have done putting it up! I am a 3rd year Arabic student at Binghamton University in NY. I hope to travel this summer to Alexandria to study at the TAFL center, inshallah. I will check back in to your blog in the hopes that you haven't completely given up on it! Thanks again!

At 15:28, Blogger Jeremy Palmer said...

Here are some Al-Kitaab podcasts that might be useful for students using the Al-kitaab series:

At 12:40, Blogger Maha said...


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At 06:15, Blogger Lord Serer said...

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At 12:30, Blogger Sabiq said...

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At 16:28, Blogger The Arabic Student said...

Did you ever start another Arabic site?

At 17:45, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 04:57, Blogger mahmoud said...

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At 09:48, Blogger Ali said...

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At 15:09, Blogger sanaa said...

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At 10:11, Blogger pbsl said...

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At 01:30, Blogger Carmen Conroy said...


I have a mandatory 100-hour project coming up in January and am starting to brainstorm ideas. I'm super passionate about languages and international affairs, and since the project has to be cross-disciplinary, I was considering attempting to teach myself Arabic with a program like Rosetta Stone and then doing a study of Islamophobia in the United States along with it. Everyone is raining on my parade and saying I'm not going to be able to understand any Arabic at all after only 100 hours. Feedback, please! Is this a feasible project idea?

Thank you! Just thought I'd get a second opinion from some more experienced Arabic linguists.

At 23:02, Blogger Sanaa said...

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